The War on Fans

As much as I hate anything pertaining to West Virginia University, I have to admit their fan loyalty can be matched by few in collegiate sports. They live and die with their Mountaineers, and while I think it can be over the top at times, they would be the last to have their devotion questioned.

But Mountaineer Football Head Coach Dana Holgorsen did just that last weekend following their 55-10 victory over Bowling Green. 46,603 fans showed up on a day featuring temperatures in the 50s and cold rain to see a low-end MAC team play. This apparently wasn’t good enough for Holgorsen, who was expecting sell outs similar to the LSU game every week. One comment he made at his weekly press conference really upset me.

 What’s so hard about it? Is it too cold? It wasn’t too cold for our players. It wasn’t too cold for our coaches or managers or trainers. They were out there. So why did we have 20,000 people less at this one than we did last week?

Well Dana, If I were a coach such as your self making hundreds or thousand or even millions of dollars to coach a team, well yes I would show up regardless of the weather. The same would go if I were a player receiving a free education to play a game.

The nerve Holgorsen has to attack fans who spend their hard earned money to attend games, in this economic climate no less, in which the money goes toward his and his staff’s salary is ridiculous. He fails to realize that West Virginia consistently is the top school for attendance in the Big East. Which leads me to this point.

Teams should never “call out” fans. Ever. Period.

Frank Coonelly did so in March, claiming that the Pirates would not be able to spend money until the fans show up in greater numbers. He was rightfully chastised for doing so by Pittsburgh media. People like this are much like those in government, out of touch with the “common citizen”.

Not all season ticket holders are able to make every game. Not everyone has the money for tickets in the locations that you mistakenly overpriced (ahem Yankees). As long as you aren’t in the red there isn’t really that much that you should be worried about. You do your job running the teams and let the fans do as they please.

As long as you guys are turning a profit, why should you even care who comes?

(Here is the press conference where Holgorsen goes off. You’d think the team is going to relocate because of it.)


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journalism student at Ohio University. Huge fan of Pittsburgh sports teams

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