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This summer was very different for me. I spent it interning with The Almanac, the weekly newspaper of the South Hills of Pittsburgh. Being that I had to be in the office for 32 hours a week, and not always having 32 hours worth of work to do, it became important that I find some web sites to pass the time waiting for people to call me back on interviews and things of that nature. Tired of the back-and-forth between Twitter and Facebook, I was able to find some gems that you should check out too.

Uni-Watch (www.uni-watch.com)

Headed by Paul Lukas of ESPN.com’s Page 2, this site is billed as “The Obsessive Study of Athletics Aesthetics.” Paul and his staff have jersey news for all sports on lockdown and have plenty of entertaining features and interviews as well. The always-informative ticker points out nuances in uniforms from the previous night’s action. If you have an eye for details and love sports, you could kill a lot of time here.

Stadium Journey (www.stadiumjourney.com)

Planning a road trip to a sports venue? Just return from a place and want to share your opinions with others? Look no further. Stadium Journey provides a great resource for those making a trip to a ballpark, stadium or arena. Its staff gives good tips and reviews to make sure your trip will go as smoothly as possible. It also allows fans to post their own reviews and lend advice. If you’re thinking about traveling to see the Pittsburgh Steelers, Stetson Hatters, or any team in-between, make sure you stop here first.

Grantland (www.grantland.com)

I’m sure most of you have heard of this website, but I really didn’t get into checking it regularly until those drab days in the office. Bill Simmons of ESPN (one of the few associated with the network that I can actually stand) and his all-star team of writers share their thoughts on sports in addition to pop-culture happenings (in a section cleverly called “Hollywood Prospectus”). This “super blog” so to speak can be very entertaining and features a ton of talent. Simmons’ weekly mailbag can put a smile on your face even on your worst of days.

Sports Pickle (www.sportspickle.com)

This satirical sports site is very similar to The Onion, providing humorous fake sports stories.

If my readers have any other sites to add, feel free to comment below.


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journalism student at Ohio University. Huge fan of Pittsburgh sports teams

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