Ben Roethlisberger Wedding: Just Stop Already

Unless you were living under a rock in the Steel City this past weekend, you knew two things: The Pittsburgh Pirates need a bat, and Ben Roethlisberger got married.

Trying to shed the image of a womanizing jock,  Big Ben tied the knot with Ms. Ashley Harlan Saturday in a church in Ohio Township.

All I can say about it is good for him. If you two are happy together, so be it.

The problem I had with the whole ordeal was the fact that this event was example A of just how much of a joke the Pittsburgh media is, and just how stupid those who let the Pittsburgh Steelers consume every second of their lives are.

It all began with this tweet from a reporter for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in the afternoon shortly before the ceremony started.

Hot day for a wedding. But don’t pity the media. This is what we do.

Yes that’s right because when it’s nearly 100 degrees outside, I think of the writers and reporters covering a football player’s wedding. Forget construction workers, landscapers or the elderly.

Then came the reports of all the people who had lined the road in the middle of nowhere that is Ohio Township to see the parade of tinted-window limos make the trek to downtown Pittsburgh and the Convention Center for the reception. Not only were there people from all over Western PA, but there were also people from out of state holding signs wishing their hero well even if they could not see him. Sorry, but when Andrew McCutchen and Sidney Crosby get married, you will never catch me dead doing the same.

Perhaps the most offensive thing about all of this came when the P-G reported this nugget about the cake served to the gentlemen at the reception.

“The men’s servings came from a three-tier groom’s cake — a ‘camouflage topsy turvy cake, complete with the inscription ‘The Hunt is Over,’  Ms. Weiner said.”

If I read that correctly, that cake implies that this man, who has twice faced sexual assault charges during his career, is comparing deer hunting to the gross action of “hunting” women and thus meeting “the love of his life”. Do those around him even think about these things before letting them slide?

The hysteria was almost over, and then the 11 o’clock news rolled around. What shooting spree in Norway? Debt ceiling? Who cares? For roughly the first twelve minutes of the newscast it was all Ben, a true testament to the “news values” of the local channels.

But why do people care so much?

There is the talk about how this generation is so celebrity-obsessed, but if you don’t live in New York City or LA who do you talk about?

This is where sports stars come in. Cities like Pittsburgh put their athletes on god-like pedestals because there really isn’t much out there to latch on to. There are no movie stars or musicians to give tabloid-like fodder that people crave. Athletes are the closest things to it.

As long as people find this kind of crap to be the most important stuff to know about, then I don’t see it changing any time soon.


About suhlmann12
journalism student at Ohio University. Huge fan of Pittsburgh sports teams

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