Jaromir Jagr comeback: fact or fiction?

With the Penguins’ season coming to such an early end, the rumors surrounding who they are going to pick up in free agency are growing loud.

Rob Rossi of the Tribune-Review pulled up an interesting nugget that the Penguins have reached out to former star Jaromir Jagr to see if he would like to be a part of the festivities celebrating the 20th anniversary of the 1991 Stanley Cup Champions. While it was reported that team asked that he be there for a reunion golf outing this summer, this hasn’t stopped the rumor mill of a possible return to Pittsburgh from turning.

Jaromir has always had a love with the city of Pittsburgh, going back to him being drafted by the team. Though the relationship soured toward the end of his days, here, requesting a trade in 2001, I firmly believe that he would be open to coming back.

Despite being 39, he had a great performance recently in the World Hockey Championships, scoring a hat trick to eliminate the United States in the quarterfinals. While many players go for a swan song at the end of their careers, Jagr could contribute to the Penguins being a more competitive team.

He is no longer under contract by the KHL (Russia), so he could be contacted by any team in any league.

The team is planning on retiring his number as soon as he announces that he is hanging it up. With five scoring titles and one MVP trophy, he was one of the most dynamic players this franchise ever saw. Think how much better would it be with him ending it with one more go around with the team that he made his name with.


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