Back at .500 (and it feels so good)

For 29 of the 30 teams in the MLB, winning as many games as you lose isn’t really the primary goal of a team’s season. For the Pittsburgh Pirates however, a vicious string of 18 consecutive seasons below .500, fans are clamoring for the team to just be respectable, let alone competitive for a championship.

Today, after beating the Astros 5-4, the Pirates are 17-17. This is the latest the Pirates have been at or above .500 since the 2005 season when they hit the mark in June.

With the team basically written off before the season started, how have they hung around?

The starting pitching to this point has carried the team. The resurgence of Charlie Morton and the consistent play of Kevin Correia has guaranteed that the Pirates will have a chance when they take the mound. After a rough start to the season, James McDonald has settled in. The bullpen has been surprisingly good.

The offense is still problematic from time to time, but they have been getting just enough to get by. Pedro Alvarez and Andrew McCutchen, two players who were expected to carry the offense, have struggled so far this year.

With that said, the question still remains, can the team keep it up? While I am a fan, I can’t see the Pirates continuing at this pace. The pitching, especially the bullpen, is due to regress. Unless the offense can pull it together on a regular basis, they will lose more close games.

With this cautious optimism in mind, I am really looking forward to the next couple of weeks to see how it plays out.


About suhlmann12
journalism student at Ohio University. Huge fan of Pittsburgh sports teams

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