As it happens: Pirates-Cubs 4-2-11

Trying something new here where I will update this page with my thoughts of the Pirates-Cubs game this afternoon sort of like a live blog but not really. Hope you all enjoy it.

12:55- Was covering a softball game yesterday so that’s why my coverage of Opening Day was lacking. Sorry all (all 10 of my readers)

1:02- Interested to see how Paul Maholm does today since he has really been unimpressive this spring.

1:12- Is it just me or has Carlos Zambrano lost weight?

1:16- Pirates being patient with Zambrano. Walks by Tabata and Overbay pay off after an RBI single by Pedro Alvarez. 1-0 after the top of the 1st.

1:33- Paul Maholm has been incredibly efficient. Thrown just 7 pitches in each of his first two innings.

1:38- Tabata leads off the 3rd with a single, and Neil Walker continues to hit well early, crushing a double that scores Jose. 2-0 Pirates

1:41- After that, the Big Z walks McCutchen on four pitches. I hope the Gatorade dispenser in the dugout has a good hiding spot figured out.

1:44- Pirates blow a chance to break the game open. Lyle Overbay strikes out and Pedro grounds into the inning ending double play.

1:55- Maholm retires the first 8 batters before allowing his first hit, which is a double to none other than pitcher Carlos Zambrano. He always hits the Bucs well (but then again who doesn’t).

2:05- Castro leads off with a single in the 4th, but Maholm gets a double play to get out of it. Shaky throw to second by Paul but Neil was able to get control of it.

2:14- This new reporter for ROOT Sports is an epic fail. Flat out awful.

2:19- Cubs fans are really bad at judging fly balls. They go nuts when routine fly balls get hit thinking they are leaving the yard.

2:22- Maholm gets into a jam in the fifth after allowing two singles. Gets a key strike out of Zambrano to end the inning. He’s become more hittable as the game has gone on.

2:44- Timely defense and pitching gets Maholm out of another mini-jam in the 6th. In the top of the 7th Garrett Jones hits his first homer of the year. 3-0 Pirates now.

2:48- Zambrano out after a pitch has aggravated some arm problems. Kerry Wood makes his first appearance back with the Cubs.

2:58- Stretch time at Wrigley. I can say I miss coming home from half-day kindergarden putting on WGN and hearing Harry Carry sing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.”

3:06- First Doumit blunder of the season when a wild pitch gets away, Ryan can’t find it. Maholm does and runs all the way to the backstop to get it. Pena advances all the way to third. Oh my how I’ve missed his defensive prowess.

3:08- Hurdle takes Maholm out after 6.2 innings. Just 5 hits allowed. Couldn’t have asked for a better start.

3:10- A day after Neil Walker was trending worldwide on Twitter after his Opening Day grand-slam, Garrett Jones is trending in the US. Must be a lot of Pirate fans on there.

3:16- Veras gets the pop out to end the 7th. With Meek and Hanrahan at the back of the bullpen, it’s going to be tough for the Cubs to come back.

3:20- The pitches Pedro Alvarez swings at sometimes are maddening.

3:28- Meek comes in the 8th and Walks Koskue Fukudome to lead the inning off. A double by the next batter has me sweating a little. 3-1

3:29- An error by Overbay scores another run. Wasn’t he the guy we signed for defensive purposes?

3:43- After getting two outs, Alfonso Soriono hits a bloop single that ties the game. Paul Maholm probably counting down the days until he can get out of Pittsburgh.

3:49- Disastrous inning continues when Chris Resop comes in. Walks the first batter, then gives up a two run single to Blake DeWitt. Cubs take the lead 5-3. I’m going to get Advil

4:00- Carlos Marmol strikes out the side in the 9th. Game over. Tough loss.



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